About Us

Wissenstil is a focussed Artificial intelligence based product and services company. With a strong resolve to build intelligence systems in Healthcare and Defence domains our motivated teams is continuously working on solving some of the complicated problems in the technical realm of Machine Vision and Data Intelligence. The company is also working on expanding into other domains

Battling the misconceptions about the Artificial intelligence technologies our endeavour is to make intelligent system work in an ethical manner, following a governance model that controls the intelligent system to work with in the Human set philosophies and principles

Keeping our focus firm on the future of technology, which will be working alongside with us, the Humans race, our Vision is to harmonize the relationship in a seamless manner enabling technology to enable us and to compound the human capabilities to an unimaginable level

Our Vision of the future enables us to focus on our mission in taking the Data Driven Problem Solving Approach to the Masses. We believe the wealth of information that is available in the data assimilated currently, will take us to the never traversed world of knowledge

Our team

We are a team of motivated people working towards the vision of the company to mainstream the ethical use of Artificial intelligence in the real world. Highly skilled and experienced in their respective domain of work, the technical team is alumni of various IIT across India.

We are on a mission to take data driven problem solving approach to the masses. Wissenstil AI Solutions (WAIS) is a community of researchers dedicated to addressing some of the world’s most complex problems and challenging opportunities in healthcare, Defence and data analytics

Our scientists are charting the future of artificial intelligence, as we are dedicated to offering decision support tools to experts making use of Deep Learning frameworks. This helps us pave the path for investing now in tomorrow's breakthroughs.

By pushing the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we aspire to radically change the workflows as we know it.

The team at Wissenstil Solutions is a structured with some of the best computing minds with resources to bring their ideas to maturity. We are on a continuous urge to explore latest in deep learning supported by a firm foundation of several years in management and domain expertise.

Our Capabilities are in

  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning & Data Science
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Computer Vision
We have experience working with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. We also know how to leverage big data technologies, frameworks and platforms and resolve wide array of challenges like analytics etc.
We leverage statistical and machine learning techniques to more effectively identify patterns to solve complex business problems.
We help you create efficiencies by building knowledge-based platforms, chatbots, causal reasoning, inferencing, text analytics, natural language processing etc.
Provide operational efficiency by processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and extraction of high-dimensional data from the real world to solve business problems.

AI Use Cases Data Engineering Machine Learning & Data Science Cognitive Computing Computer Vision
Healthcare P&C Insurance Security Defence
Data Marking Data Marking Data Marking GPR, Seismic Signal processing
Clinical outcome prediction, Insurance autoprocessing
Chatbots Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant Predict activities, actions
Radiology Reads Damage assessment and Virtual Estimator Identify Objects through Video’s and Pictures

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