The AI Framework

"A framework that’s helped us to discover and implement the path to safe artificial intelligence. The advantage of Deep Learning based computer platform is that it enables instantaneous data deciphering capabilities, on a monumental scale. Having the capacity to redefine expert systems, to interpret them faster than any other."

  • WAIS automates the cumbersome task of creating labelled images for training the neural networks. It is capable of learning from limited inputs from end user and auto-annotate images.
  • WAIS is a collection of serval machine learning algorithms and carefully selected networks. This translates to what we call as 'zero prototyping', which ensures our AI expert spends 'zero' or minimal effort in exploratory activities including selecting right algorithm or network to address a given problem statement
  • The framework is n't just about deep learning. It is structured with computer vision algorithms, classic approaches connected with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing etc. For the client this would mean the use of technology that is optimum and sensitive to nature of requirements to deliver accurate results
  • It delivers! The careful orchestration of technologies’ and framework results in delivering solutions in terms of in terms of image analysis, prediction, anomaly detection, classification etc

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