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Radiology Assist

Our assist tool (WAISRAD) provides radiologists the tools they need to make the next leap in patient care. The framework will assist the Radiologist and will enable them to produce more output, without compromising patient care. The technology significantly enhances the capabilities of radiologists in diagnosing an anomaly which in-turn will empowering radiologists to manage their ever-increasing workload without compromising the accuracy and quality.

Radiology Use Case

WAIS offers a revolutionary access to ‘diagnosis’ and makes decision suggestions to the radiologist. With the use of monitoring to inform, it marks probable abnormal regions in the image for confirmation by the radiologists.

There is a more informed decisions based on insights from the Cognitive algorithms on which framework is built. The algorithm gets trained on variety of radiology images of the diagnostic center to acquire expertise.

WAIS is the perfect tool for radiologist, as its framework reduces the time spent on a study which in turn makes the research significantly fast and much convenient. Thus helping the studies handled by the diagnostic center increase manifold.

Patient engagement

The patient engagement solution Enabling Global Healthcare Organizations Improve communication and interaction with the patient. Our AI enabled platform enables the healthcare providers to better connect with the patient. It sets up the communication platform where an autonomous system interacts and guides the patient through various phases of their care episode, including guiding them through the treatment options, medication management, take the patient through the treatment protocol , Obtain outcome feedback, etc…

Security and defence

Our platform provides cutting edge Image Vision capabilities that perceives a input files and identifies area of interest. This capabilities helps in strategically identifying intrusions and foreign objects. Our cutting edge technology enables machine signals from Cameras, GPR sensors, Seismic sensors & other sensors to be perceived and recreated to identify var

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